Point of Sale

Incorporate our advanced  cloud based POS to any existing ERP and Ecommerce platforms, synchronize all information continuously for an OmniChannel client experience over all business channels, and in this way, increase brand loyalty .



ERP Integrations

Whether you are running on Magento or Shopify, bridge it with your existing back-office ( ERP ) system

Retail Management (ERP)

Warehouse Management

All the basic elements of an ERP devoted to warehouses and stock administration (WMS): Monitoring and Tracking stocks’ ins and outs along with integration with barcode reading.  

Purchasing Management

Advanced Procurement management and supplier relationship management. Thanks to the Low Stock function, you can optimise your inventory restocking budgets and maximise profit and cash flow through lean sales.

Order & Shipping Management

Tool to optimise shipping and deliveries of customers orders.


Orders can be handled using the protection and efficiency promise of a barcode reader.


Many order pickers can function at the same time, each on a given list (picking).

Loyalty programs

Reward your top customers with exclusive digital and in-store offers.



AI Reporting

Cloud-powered data analysis service makes it simple for everyone in the company to get insights.

AI Forecasting

Predictions can use effectively any historical time series data (e.g. price, promotions, inventory distribution and sales metrics) to generate accurate forecasts for your company. We uses machine learning to process your time series data (such as price, promotions, and store traffic) and combines that with associated data (such as product features, floor placement, a

AI Inventory Planning

Provide the appropriate levels of inventory for your various store locations. Export your batch forecasts in CSV format and communicate them into your retail management systems so you can determine how much stock you need to buy and allocate per store.

AI Financial Planning

Projections like sales revenue forecasts are essential to the success of every business. AI Financials forecast key financial indicators, such as sales, expenditures, and cash flow, over various time periods and currency units.

AI Resource Planning

To maximise revenue and control costs, it is important to plan for the right level of available resources, such as staffing levels, advertising inventory and manufacturing raw materials.

Save on your TCO

Receive a non-repayable contribution of up to 100,000$ of expenses related to services purchased from OmniziO



Connected with the best . . .

Shipping Connect

Streamline shipping, build and print shipping labels for your ecommerce site, boost order management and simplify order fulfilment

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Quickbooks & Timesheets Connect

We have built tools to integrate your ERP with the best accounting system along with the best Timesheets (punch-clock) system for your employees

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Payment Connect

Wether you use Moneris, Global Payment, Chase or any other Payment Gateways, we can fully integrate it with your shopping cart

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Product Feeds Connect

Upload your products’ information on Google Shopping and Amazon Marketplace and others while managing orders from your existing order management system

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Google Sheets Connect

Leverage the power of Google Sheets to interact with your Retail system. Visualizing, collaborating and entering data have never been easier

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Loyalty Points & Gift Cards

Fidelize your customers by offereing them an omni-channel experience by Earning & Redeeming Gift Cards and Loyalty Points whether in-store or Online

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About us

Omnizio is a unique  eCommerce retail platform hosted in cloud that provides end-to-end solutions for retailers that allow them to offer omni-channel experience to their customers through intelligent modern solutions.