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Customizable Web Based Loyalty Software for Magento Retailers

Reward Points+

Reward Points+ is the perfect loyalty solution for businesses with customer retention needs. Increase your customer’s lifetime value by giving them an extra incentive to continue purchasing and interacting with your store. Reward Points+ is the only Magento extension that is proven to increase customer/brand loyalty. Give the Standard Edition a try and experience the benefits yourself!

Reward Points+ is 100% compatible with Magento Community Edition 1.7 to 1.9.x & Enterprise Edition 1.9.x to 1.14.x

Complete Control Over How Customers Earn Points

Reward Points Standard edition allows your customers to receive unique customized incentives for being loyal to your store. Easily create special rules to govern how many points are rewarded for specific actions. You can set guidelines such as: X amount of points for every X dollars spent and more. It doesn’t just stop there. You can assign specific incentives different priorities to have your own tiered reward system. Each incentive rule can be assigned an expiration date, or a to use by date, to encourage your customers to rack up points and use them quickly. You can even choose how often points can be earned to prevent abuse!

Customer Spending Point Flexibility

We all love to buy new things, especially when we have discount points. However, it can be a pain for customers to have to use all of their hard earned reward points on one purchase. Reward Points+ gives you the ability to allow your customers to fine tune just how much of their reward points is applied at checkout. Using a simple slider, customers can scale forward or back how many reward points they wish to apply to this specific purchase. If they do not want to adjust the amount there is also a conveniently placed “Maximize my Discount” option. Super easy, super effective!

Always Aware Reward Points

Customers can track their current point balance which is shown right on the top link, below their account name.

For more details, they can go to My Account > My rewards, full information such as balances, their point transactions, etc. will be listed clearly.

Point Transactions


Admin can view all point transactions of the System (Customer, Point Amount, Points Used, etc.)


Complete Control of Customers Reward Points

You can adjust individual customers reward points via the Magento control panel. Perfect for manually rewarding points to loyal customers.

Front End and Backend Reward Support

You may have wondered if it’s possible to use a customer’s reward points when you are placing the order for them? The answer is…. YES. You or your sales staff can apply a customer’s rewards points just like they can through your website. The same custom slider options are available.

More Refund Options

Interestingly, Refund by Points is a feature that many people fall in love with. By this function, Admin can give points that Customers spent on the store back to them instead of making a refund, so they can use for the next purchases as normally. It saves your money!

Backup Your Customers Points

Reward Points allows store owners to import and export their customer’s rewards balances with just a click of a button. Depending on list size, it will only take a few seconds to generate an excel table containing all of your customer’s current loyalty points. This is a great way to ensure that even in the case of a freak accident, your customers will always be covered. This CSV file can easily be edited and imported back into your store to update current accrued loyalty points. You can also import your data in your own standalone CRM.

We provide an easy to use template file for your import and exports!

Customer reward lists can also be updated via your stores backend menu.

Full Compatibility w/ Web POS 3.0!

Magestore Reward Points extension version 2.5 is completely compatible with Web POS extension version 2.1. If you use Reward Points 2.5 (Standard/Platinum/Advanced Edition) and Web POS 2.0, when creating orders, you can see the number of points your customers can earn or spend, like the screenshot below:

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