Marketing Automation

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Connect your Magento store directly with Infusionsoft

Experience the incredible power of marketing automation by connecting your Magento store to Infusionsoft through Omnizio.

Sync all your data to Infusionsoft

As your customers buy, omnizio automatically syncs all your customers, orders and products to Infusionsoft.

Order automation

Automatically start one or more Infusionsoft campaigns when a customer places an order.

Associate tags to products

Associate one or more Infusionsoft Tags with each of your Magento products. We’ll even create the Tags for you! By associating a Tag to your product, you can easily start cross-sell and upsell campaigns, as well as segment your New Customer Welcome Campaign and other campaigns based on the product(s) bought.

Associate tags to categories

Associate one or more Infusionsoft Tags to your Magento product categories. By associating Tags with product categories, you can build hyper-targeted lists of buyers for future promotions and campaigns, plus segment your follow-up by the category of product purchased.

6 FREE Infusionsoft campaigns

omnizio is not just an integration. We provide a Marketing System for online retailers. Within 24 to 48 hours after you sign up, omnizio will install a Marketing System in your Infusionsoft app, including 6 campaigns, custom fields, Tags, saved searches and dashboard widgets. omnizio was co-founded by Daniel Kurt, an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant with ecommerce expertise and the Marketing System is worth thousands of dollars. You get it for FREE when you sign up for a 30-day free trial.

RFM segmentation

This one feature alone can provide you with a return on your investment in omnizio and Infusionsoft. Automatically segment your customers based on the last time they bought, how many times they bought and how much they have spent. Using data that omnizio calculates prior to syncing your customer after they place an order, your customers will be given a 1-5 rating for Order Recency, Order Frequency and Monetary. This is called RFM Segmentation. The big Ecommerce companies use it, and now you can, too!

Campaign ROI tracking

Easily see how much revenue your campaigns generate and track your return on investment. We even build Infusionsoft Dashboard Widgets that show you the ROI and other vital metrics from the 10 campaigns that come with omnizio.

Referral partner integration

Give your affiliates and referral partners commission on sales they help you generate on your Magento store.

Newsletter opt-in

If your customer opts-in to your marketing during checkout, omnizio will apply your Newsletter Tag to their contact record. Whether or not you use this feature, omnizio syncs all customers to Infusionsoft as marketable.

Customer group sync

omnizio syncs the Customer Group to Infusionsoft, allowing you to have specific follow up for each customer group.

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About us

Omnizio is a unique  eCommerce retail platform hosted in cloud that provides end-to-end solutions for retailers that allow them to offer omni-channel experience to their customers through intelligent modern solutions.