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gradient line Experience the most powerful, completely customizable, and ridiculously easy to use POS ever. Everything you need for faster more lucrative sales in one place.

Are you new with Point of sale?

Web-based POS features that you’ll like


You will like our user-friendly interface with intuitive control.


Easy manage your inventory and see which products now out-of-stock.


Create special customers price and increase product sales.


Multiple payment options for online and offline sales.
Partial and split payments.


Split up orders into as many shipments as physically possible.


Continue selling and completing transactions online and offline.


Make business decisions based on automatically generated sales reports.


Maintain secure management over your backend systems and processes.

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Let’s take a peek into the all new features of Web POS

Stock Management

gradient line We know how cumbersome and downright painful it can be to juggle the maintenance of thousands of different SKU’s, especially when you are just starting out. Our Inventory Management system eliminates that pain by cleaning up that dull, flooded with numbers SKU system by turning it into graphical easy to see display of product images with all of their relevant data right there for you to see.

Stock Adjustment

gradient line The occasional data discrepancy can be unavoidable at times, especially when you are making changes manually SKU by SKU. Most store managers choose to check and update their stock frequently to ensure the data and statistics are reliable. Store managers can easily adjust a products’ Total Qty. one by one or in bulk to ensure optimum accuracy. You Available Qty. will then be re-calculated, put into a pending state for your review and then updated in real time across all platforms.

Stock Receiving

gradient line The stock receiving feature makes it incredibly easy to record and mange incoming inventory, such as purchase orders from your supplier, or damaged returns. When your warehouse receives new inventory, you can submit a stock receiving for that shows the reason and the Qty. of the incoming stock. Once the store manager confirms the inbound stock they can then allow the total Qty. to be updated.

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